Customer Voice Vol. 2

Mr. Jach


About Yourself

Would you give us an introduction of yourself, please?
Jach; Singaporean; real estate investor

About Investment in Tokyo

How have you found the real estate investment in Japan market? (Good points)
My family loves Japan and we travel to Japan once or twice every year. So the thoughts of owning a property in Japan come naturally. I did a couple of research and found both the value and yield to be great and thus decided to invest into it in early 2015.
How have you found the real estate investment in Japan market? (Concerns / Difficulties)
I do have concerns initially but I read that the process is pretty painless. After I dived into it, I noticed that the management service is really professional and I am very happy with everything so far. My initial concerns was language barrier but my agent (Rhyu-San) and his boss skyped with me on a Sunday afternoon and explained to me in details. I found the whole process pretty smooth. Therefore the concerns and difficulties weren't that significant afterall.
What was your most important factor to decide purchasing properties?
Potential for capital appreciation coupled with a decent yield. The areas were also a main concern but as long as you are investing in the key areas, there will be tenants available.

About Us

Our service (Why to decide our company to go with for your investment in Japan)
This question is difficult to answer for me. I just went online to search for some Tokyo properties and your company popped out in the first few searches. In addition, the replies I have gotten from you guys are great and prompt; thus I decided to go on with you guys.
Any advises/feedbacks for our service improvements for you
Not much which I could think of now. One aspect would be the opening of a bank account in Japan but I know that is beyond your company's ability to help since the banks were pretty strict in this aspect. No worries!
Others in your mind
Not at all! I would like to express my sincere thanks to Rhyu-San and his boss for all their help rendered to me thus far. It has made my property purchase experience and process relatively painless.