Customer Voice Vol. 1

Ms. Shishu Zhang


About Yourself

Would you give us an introduction of yourself, please?
Shishu Zhang, Chinese, Associated Professor of Economics, working at a University in Texas, USA.

About Investment in Tokyo

How have you found the real estate investment in Japan market? (Good points)
The effect of the decision of 2020 Tokyo Olympic, Relative low rate of Japanese currency, Good security in Japan, Self-satisfaction by owning properties in Japan, interested in Foreign (Japanese) cultures, products, food, and would like to visit Japan.
How have you found the real estate investment in Japan market? (Concerns / Difficulties)
Haven't had the property long enough to tell, so far so good. The purchasing process is smooth. I really appreciate their hard working, patience, and kindness.
What was your most important factor to decide purchasing properties?
Return, budget, and area are all important, maybe another important factor is resale value.

About Us

Our service (Why to decide our company to go with for your investment in Japan)
All the above factors matters, but speedy response might be important since there are many other companies to sell properties. The location of the company is also very important. For example, if i would like to buy properties in Tokyo, i would like a company located in Tokyo to manage for me.
Any advises/feedbacks for our service improvements for you
Not for now, very satisfied.
Others in your mind
We really appreciate that Hyoungmin (our agent) took photos of the property even if we didn't ask. We really appreciate his feedbacks about which property to buy after he discussed it with his senior, and also appreciate their flexibility of conference time. Hyoungmin explained everything very clearly and everything in the whole purchasing process is done in an efficient way. We are confident that the management experience will be good as well.