Customer Voice Vol. 3

Mr. John Ho

Mr. John Ho

About Yourself

Would you give us an introduction of yourself, please?
I am John Ho from Hong Kong who is in charge of a subsidiary property asset fund of a trading company.

About Investment in Tokyo

How have you found the real estate investment in Japan market? (Good points)
The Rate of Return is not quite comparable in Hong Kong as the market cycle in Hong Kong tends to be much shorter than various countries, including Japan, while it is simply a city on its own. Nonetheless, we see a potential growth in terms of asset appreciation in the foreseeable future while the rental income rate is considerable high in Japan and simultaneous safe from political issues and certain aspects of economical issues (GDP of Tokyo remains to be No. 1 in the world despite experiencing a 20 year period of deflationary environment). The 2020 Tokyo Olympic effect tends to have ignite the engine of growth for certain sectors in Japan with the tourism industry being the most beneficial from the political policies. Therefore, the potential upside of the market is unlimited when prices are compared to the 1990s.
How have you found the real estate investment in Japan market? (Concerns / Difficulties)
The lack of information and transparency of the real estate market is the adversary of why the investors believe Japanese real estate market is less lucrative. Despite the entry point is considerable low compare to other countries, we don't emphasize on the mitigation of the risk factors for outsiders investing in Japan while real estate markets in other countries are recovering fast from the 2008 crisis.
What was your most important factor to decide purchasing properties?
Area for being the utmost important factor with the asset appreciation price spread being stretch further and further apart between suburban area and city centres.

About Us

Our service (Why to decide our company to go with for your investment in Japan)
The agents are very trust worthy and helpful with special thanks to Rhyu San and Narimoto San who has always been as helpful as they can be! Thank you!
Any advises/feedbacks for our service improvements for you
In order for TAI to differentiate itself from other property agencies is the extensive services which it can provide. Too many agents we have met are all about short term profit and targeting huge deals to get a quick buck but never are they looking forward to a long term relationship along with the word of mouth from their existing clients.
Others in your mind
Please keep up the good work and strive to be better as this business requires a lengthened period of trust and great services to create a strong network.