Why Japanese real estate market has been drawing an attention to international investors

Real estates in Japan have reasonable prices compared to those of U.S., Hong-kong, Singapore and Taiwan, and get also distinct aspects of acquiring stable rental income and high rate of return. Furthermore, rents haven`t been not much affected by volatile changes of business conditions.


And Tokyo Olympic in 2020 has put a fire on the higher willingness to purchase properties in Japan. The relative cheap rate of Japanese currency has given a good merit to international investors. Tokyo's safe security system has been seen one of the reasons to invest in Japanese real estate market.

Set your own investment strategy

We understand every investors has their own investment style with a variety of budget ranges. We`ve seen some investors put an importance on a value of properties by holding properties in a center area of Tokyo for a long term strategy and some prefer to having high rate of return by the investments in relatively suburban areas. It is a fact that it is rare to purchase a property having tenants located in a center of Tokyo with a low budget.
The most important point at the investment patterns to decide is to set up a budget to invest with. After the decision of the budget, how is to proceed seeing areas, built year, goal rate of return to invest by?

It is said that it is difficult to acquire a high yield property at affordable price in a center of Tokyo now. But There are properties that can expect stable revenues in the future, looking at the future assets value of the region.

We have a variety of optional choices customized to your own criteria for investment. At first, please feel free to contact us with your random criteria. We are ready to consult with you for your best investments in Japan.

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